This site is in memory of my grandma Esther. Sitting around the kitchen table is a childhood memory that is still continued today. I’m sure we all have similar memories and they are imprinted in our mind and heart. I can remember when we visited my grandparents or they came to our house the men and women split into two groups, women in the kitchen and the men in the living-room or outside.

The women sat around the table talking and drinking coffee, getting caught up on the gossip the kids were playing in the kitchen or sitting on grandma lap and at the same time someone was preparing dinner. After we ate the men of course retired in front of the TV while the women did the dishes, made more coffee and served dessert. We would sit around the table and resume the conversation, talk about recipes we tried or give out ones that relatives sent. It was a very enjoyable time back then and still is today. The kitchen table gives comfort, people open up, you laugh and even cry there. My grandma was a great cook.

All mostly Pa. Dutch and all homemade. She had several recipes that were her trademark and all family members make them also. Even though we all make them she seemed to make them better. When anyone visited her she would ask what are you hungry for? Why she asked we don’t know because everyone wanted the same thing (ham potpie) and (sticky buns). Even at her funeral the minister commented on her cooking and her famous ham potpie and sticky buns in the eulogy.

When she came to visit family whether it be her children, sisters or friends she always brought food, mostly macaroni salad, apple cake, sticky buns or homemade bread. She always wore an apron. I keep one of hers in my kitchen hanging up on the wall, keeping it there is one way of keeping a part of her in my life daily. Without my grandma and my mom this site would not be possible.

My grandma’s recipes are a memorial and a tribute to her, the simplicity of her life which also included gardening, sewing her own clothes, crocheting, canning and her love of family. May I never let her down and may I and my daughter continue the heritage of kitchen table recipes.