A Sneak Peak At My New Garden

Summer is finally here and I am excited to begin my new garden. Personally, I love to plant new vegetables each year and tomatoes are usually my favorite. I use the tomatoes to make a homemade BBQ sauce that everyone in my family loves. The sauce is especially unique because I grow the tomatoes myself without any pesticides.

This year I will also be growing several varieties of super duper hot peppers. I have grown peppers in the past but they require a lot of sun and hot days which I hope we will get this summer. Hot peppers are great to grow but can take a long time. My other favorite thing to grow is broccoli and lettuces.

One of the biggest challenges I have with my gardens is getting them enough water. This I has been the reason most of them have not gone so well. A friend recommended to me a site to research some new garden hoses called garden hose advisor. I am thinking about getting a new expandable hose, which is a new kind of garden hose that expands up to 3x its normal length. This is the first time I have seen this.

The problem I have with all my garden hoses is that they break or get chewed up by my dogs. I have a feeling this one will too but they are pretty lightweight, so after you’re done using them you’re supposed to carry it into the house to protect it from dogs. I never did this before because my garden hose was too darn heavy. The other big thing I wanted to get this summer was a new garden hose nozzle. There are so many cool ones out and I have been using the same brass nozzle for a few years and I wonder if that’s why I haven’t had the best luck.

Here are some images of last years garden in my backyard. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. I did things a bit different last year and didn’t put cross sections the raised bed, so it led to a few problems. Now, I wanted to cut the raised bed into sections so that I could plant and water things a little easier.

Personally, I feel that growing and eating food from your own garden is one of the most rewarding experience you can have. The food tastes better and it’s free! The most important thing is getting good organic seeds and having access to good water. It’s been tough to find sources for seeds but there are plenty of places online. I had luck on ebay in finding some really rare tomatoes and pepper seeds.

Hopefully I will have better luck this year with my new garden hose and hose nozzles. In the past I have had problems with them shutting off my water and I was unable to water my plants and they dies because it didn’t rain/ Watching your plants die can be very frustrating and it hurts me a lot. This year will be different because I have learned from my past mistakes.

As you can see I didn’t use the cross sections on the raised beds and they were a bit lower, making the plants smaller than I wanted. I decided with my new raised bed to go with a height of 12″ rather than 6″. You need more soil and more water but the plants grow bigger. This year I’m hoping to get some massive tomatoes and peppers and lettuces. Still have plenty of work to do, so back to the garden I go!